Boeing management and leadership research paper

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Citations from Engineering Reasoning are used with the permission of the Foundation for Critical Thinking. Forthcoming in the Engineering Management Journal, and adapted from a paper presented at ASEE, Junewhere it won ‘Best Conference Papers.’.

It almost goes without saying that decision-making is one of the most crucial aspects of leadership. But here’s the surprising part: Research shows thatbosses make decisions is just as important. “ (Boeing, ) Boeing tackles every task with the foundation of their management model in mind and leadership development is at the top of the list.

For Boeing and CEO Jim McNerney, leadership development is key to the consistent and continual growth and productivity of their company. Let's Fix It! Schonberger's book details how to cope in the new era of hypercompetition--and accounting scandals (see, especially, Performance Management chapters 6 and on what must be done inside the firm to reveal real strengths and weaknesses).

Join AIA. Now more than ever, membership in AIA is the right decision. As we all know, this is a turbulent time for the nation and the aerospace and defense industry—we face numerous economic and political challenges, both domestically and internationally.

Frank P. Saladis PMI Fellow, PMP, President, Blue Marble Enterprises, Inc. The perception of leadership and what it means to be a great leader has changed significantly in the last few years.

Boeing management and leadership research paper
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