Optical illusions research paper

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Optical illusions show how we see with Beau Lotto

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The Museum and the Needs of PeopleCECA (International Committee of Museum Educators) ConferenceJerusalem Israel, October Prof.

George E.

The Unexpected Optical Illusion Hidden in a Stack of Chairs

. Jakob Hohwy is a philosopher engaged in both conceptual and experimental research.

Why This Blurry Optical Illusion Disappears If You Stare at It

He works on problems in philosophy of mind about perception, neuroscience, and mental illness. At the same time, he collaborates with neuroscientists and psychiatrists, conducting experiments that put philosophical ideas to the test and that bring philosophical concerns into the lab. An old explanation of the moon illusion holds that various cues place the horizon moon at an effectively greater distance than the elevated moon.

Although both moons have the same angular size, the horizon moon must be perceived as larger. More recent explanations hold that differences in accommodation or other factors cause the elevated moon to appear smaller. Top left is one of the simplest of all illusions. The yellow dot is just half way up the vertical height of the triangle, but looks decidedly nearer to the apex.


Pre-thinking: Note that even if we sincerely believe that we are accurate in our perception of the world around us; we can be deceived! With the dot puzzle, stop the talk and really pay attention to the dots.

Optical illusions research paper
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