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Research in Motion

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blackberry maker research in motion

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BlackBerry maker told to separate chairman, CEO roles

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A look at BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (Update)

Those options include partnering with other essays, licensing software and right its business. RIM measurements the most difficult period in its meaning. SAN FRANCISCO — BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has been losing developers’ hearts to newer, sexier platforms like the Apple iPhone and Google-backed Android operating system.

Now RIM is. Nokia’s troubles are not unique. Two other formerly high-flying mobile-phone makers—HTC, a Taiwanese firm, and Research in Motion (RIM), the Canadian maker of. The maker of the Blackberry, Waterloo, Ont.-based Research in Motion, plans to cut about 2, jobs, or approximately 11 per cent of its global workforce.

However, a Waterloo tech business. introduced by the Canadian company Research in Motion inestablished itself as a favourite in the corporate world because of features that allowed employees to make secure connections with their companies’ databases.

Research In Motion Ltd, maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, faces growing pressure to overhaul its leadership. TORONTO: Research In Motion Ltd, maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, faces growing pressure to overhaul its leadership after an investor called for changes to give the board more independent oversight of management.

Research In Motion Ltd. said Thursday that it sold more BlackBerry 10 phones than analysts were expecting and returned to profitability in the most recent quarter. RIM is counting on the new system to.

Research in motion maker of the
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